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Swissesor is an office of technical advice located in Cuenca - Ecuador. The Owner Michael Wohlwend, a Swiss Engineer taken root in the country, knows very good the requirements of the Ecuadorian industry.
Our mission is to support and to qualify small and medium enterprises in the area of the technology in general. Our vision is to serve with the best technical advice on local market and to realize technical projects, related with industrial automation, with all kinds of companies and institutions.
30 years of labor experience, in Swiss companies with high technology standards production and teaching in universities the ultimate technologie, will offer you a great benefit in case of contracting us. We are 10 years on the local market.
We also act as a direct importer of actually twelve European manufacturers and as provider for all king of components in automation area.

Swissesor guarantees
  • systematic methods
  • practical experience
  • punctuality
  • reliability
with the final of an absolut outcome for our clients.
Swissesor means technical advice with Swiss quality. bandera suiza