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Realized projects with the following companies and institutions:

  • Siemens, Switzerland: warming analysis of a public LED screen
  • Hilti, Liechtenstein: Test bench for drill hammer
  • Leica Geosystems, Switzerland: Test banch for inclination sensors and theodolites
  • Blum, Austria: Dynamic measurement robot for high tech guiding systems
  • VAT, Switzerland: Design of a vacuum valve actuator, Dynamic deformation analysis of vacuum valves springs, Dynamic vibration analysis of a bellow coupling
  • Kistler, Switzerland: Dynamic test bench for torque sensors
  • Unaxis Balzers France: Test bench for ceramic guids in vacuum
  • Helbling, Switzerland: Test bench for insulin injectors
  • SLF (National investigation bureau of snow and avalanches), Switzerland: Test bench for alpin racing skis: deformation and torque resistence, dynamic vibration analysis, dynamic analysis of carve comportment, mobil measurment equipment for liner warming
  • Rieter Automotive, Switzerland: Deformation and vibrations analysis of heat protectors of a Land Rover
  • CEE (Centro de Estudios Electrónicos), Cuenca: Course Industrial Automation
  • UPS (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana), Cuenca: Monitoring platform for boxing
  • UCAAZO (Universidad Católica Azogues): Degree-Course in electronics, Modul Instrumentation
  • UCAAZO (Universidad Católica Azogues): Implementation of a Labroratory for Instrumentation
  • UPS (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana): Course in industrial instrumentation, level 1 for local industries
  • El Acero, Cuenca: Automation of a steel profil cutter tool (partial project)
  • UPS (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana), Cuenca: Creation of a Laboratoty for industrial Instrumentation
  • Video laboratorio UPS
  • UPS (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana): Course in industrial instrumentation, for public industrie CELEC EP
  • Induglob: Measurement system for laminate
  • UPS (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana): Temperature and pressure test bench for refrigerators
  • CELEC EP (Hydro Azogues Alazán): Vibration-Monitoring-System for main turbine
  • Industrias Quimicas del Azuay: Design and Retrofit of a chemical analyzer
  • Lácteos San Antonio: Implementation of a level measurement system for storage tanks
  • UPS (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana): Conference Cycle "Trends in Instrumentation"
  • DEMA Control&Automatización: Retrofit Printer - Synchronizing a rotative with a linear axis, Execution: Ing. Daniel Moreano Motrona BY340
  • UPS (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana): Master Degree-Course in Control and Industrial Automation, Modul Instrumentation
  • La Potranca: Retrofit pool solar system
  • UPS (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana): Retrofit vibration test bench
  • INCABLE: Implementation of a temperature control system for 7 PVC and Nylon extruders with total 84 control loops
  • ELECAUSTRO: Implementation of a level measurement system for lubrication oil tanks of the four generators JUMO dTRANS p20
  • CELEC EP Hidroazogues: Implementation of a turbidity measurement system for open channel application JUMO ecoLine NTU
  • U Cuenca: Temperature registry system for brick burning furnace


Projects in execution:

  • CELEC EP: Retofit of instrumentation in a public hydroelectric power plant